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Korloy Indexable Milling Inserts

Indexable Milling Inserts for a wide range of applications! Made by Korloy.

Indexable milling inserts (also known as replaceable milling tips) are named as they are indexed (rotated) as each corner or cutting edge is used.  Indexable milling inserts are generally made from sintered carbide which is available in different grades for different materials (e.g. steel, stainless, cast iron, exotics or aluminium) and different levels of performance (e.g. tough grades for rough milling or hard grade for high speed milling).  Milling inserts are available with CVD coatings or PVD coatings or in polished grades for aluminium. For more precise milling or harder materials, inserts can be ground from solid carbide for longer tool life.

Korloy manufacture milling inserts that are interchangeable with other manufacturers holders including APKT1003, APKT1604, SEKN1203, SEKR1203, SPKN1203, SPKR1203, TPKN1603, TPKN2204 and TPKR milling inserts.  Korloy also manufacture milling inserts for high performance Korloy milling bodies including the Alpha Mill 90 degree milling system, HRM Double high feed milling system, Chamfer Mills, Pro-X Mill for aluminium, Pro-L Mill for aerospace, FMR Button tools for copy milling and Laser Mill.  Contact us today to find the best milling inserts for your application or buy now.