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Our Latest Products!

Check out the latest tooling available from Cutwel below! We are always adding new products so don't forget to keep checking back!

Slitting Saws come in either HSS or Carbide substrates. These are available for various applications and are supplied in many different diameters & widths. We  also sell Arbors to suit so buy your these online now!

Mitutoyo are one of the biggest names in the metrology industry and Cutwel are proud to now supply such a fantastic brand of measuring tools. Start shopping for your Mitutoyo measuring tools today!

Our range of Carbide Rotary Burrs has been extended by a huge amount. German manufacturer Karnasch have a wide range on offer for almost all applications in many different shapes and coatings. Check them out today!

New Carbide reamers have been introduced into the Cutwel range that are ideal for small part machining. Supplied in diameters as low as 0.2mm. A high hardened steel reamer is also available. Start shopping!

The all new Zortrax M200 3D Printer is available now for you to experience dimensional accuracy and repeatability. This hugely reliable 3D printer is only £1,350 so what are you waiting for? Grab yours today!

Korloy have released a new rich mill indexablle milling system. The  RM3 provides true 90 degree milling with ultra flat surface finish, exceptional surface roughness & an extremely light cutting action. Buy yours today!

The new V7 plus range not only has the special V7 variable helix to prevent vibration it also has the added benefit of increased productivity. Order your V7 plus milling cutters today!

Popular Measuring Tools supplier Insize have brought a great selection of Borescopes and Endoscopes to the Cutwel range. Ideal for acquiring high quality images inside of smaller and deeper bores.

Rocol are one of the leading suppliers of fluids and lubricants to the industry. We now supply all Rocol products covering a wide range of items for various different applications.

Cutwel now have one of the UK's largest selection of static and driven lathe tool holders. Available for a huge range of machine makes and models. Start shopping now to find what you need!

The ideal accompaniment for any carbide burrs are the pencil or die grinders which are now available for automatic hand burring operations. Made in Germany by Karnasch, buy yours today!

Vices now available for EDM, Toolmaking, Grinding and Inspection applications. High quality workholding solutions available at competitive prices. Shop for yours online today!

Made by our premium thread making tool supplier UFS, these are greatly welcomed to our range. These taps are ideal to repair any broken threads and are similar to the HELICOIL brand already on the market.

The new H-Class turning inserts (CCHT, DCHT etc.) from Korloy are 50% more accurate than standard G-Class inserts (CCGT, DCGT etc.). They have a new tolerance of +/-0.0013 and are excellent for aluminium.

Airwolf 3D have launched a new type of their popular adhesion solution Wolfbite. Wolfbite Nitro is ideal for fighting the war on warpage on Nylon type 3D printed models and prototypes.

The new 1526 series digital caliper from Insize comes with interchangeable points. This is so you can measure internal & external points with the same caliper. 3 types of points are included with the tool.

The New DeltaWASP range of 3D printers are high performance 3D printers which can print up to an emphatic 40cm in height. So if you need something to print that big, then the DeltaWASP are for you!

With the new Combo Drill Taps you can save time and money by drilling and tapping with the same tool! Available in either coated or uncoated these are manufactured by premium supplier UFS.