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Rich Mill RM16 45 Degree Milling System

Rich Mill RM16 45 Degree Milling System

45 Degree Face Milling System

  • 16 usable cutting edges.
  • Exceptional performance in face milling operations
  • Extra thick and strong insert
  • Positive smooth cutting action with low resistance
  • Also available with wiper insert

Rich Mill RM16 Face Mills for 45° Milling

RM16ACM Series Face Mill

The Rich Mill RM16ACM Series face mill is a 45° milling tool that comes in multiple diameters ranging from 63mm - 200mm. The inserts are double sided giving you a total of 16 edges making it the most economical face mill. Wiper inserts can be used for a good surface finish.  These holders are through coolant & take ONMX/ONHX inserts (Size: 08)