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T-Slot Milling Cutters

HSSE T-SLOT Milling Cutters from YG-1

T-slot milling cutters from YG-1 enable the machining of T-Slots in steels.  To mill a t-slot, a normal slot must be machined first as a t-slot milling cutter will only mill on the bottom flutes (and not up the length of a tool).

T-slot milling cutters are available in a wide range of diameters (12.5mm to 36mm) and flute thickness (6mm-16mm) enable a wide range of t-slot forms to be produced.  A t-slot can be milling in a single pass (if the tool form matches the job) or in multiple passes.  T-slot milling cutters can also be used for groove milling.  As well as a standard range, we can also offer a special tooling service for non-standard parts. Manufactured by YG-1. Buy online today.