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Web Exclusive Offers

Terms and Conditions


1. These web exclusive discounts are only available to purchase via - these are not available when you order by phone, email or fax.

2. If you are ordering via phone, email or fax then that months special offer flyer promotions will apply, please refer to that or contact us if you are unsure.

3. Only items marked with a blue overlay and variants with red discount text are included in the web exclusive offers.

4. Cutwel reserve the right to change or withdraw any offer at any time.

New Web Exclusive Offers


Our new web exclusive promotions have been designed to create a fuss free way of purchasing items from our monthly offers online. Some of our usual offers from the special offer flyer aren't easy to promote via our online shop therefore we are now making it so that every offer online is a set discount only, making it easier for you to order from. See the example to the right of what a product would look like on a normal offer and a web exclusive offer.