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Wireless Digital Indicators from Mahr with 0.5 Mircon Scale



The new integrated wireless digital indicators from Mahr offer a significantly improved scale interval of 0.5 µm. They are designed for the inspection of close tolerances.

On the integrated wireless indicators, they don’t need setting to zero. Data is sent wirelessly to the computer. This means in practice: faster measuring, more freedom of movement and convenient documentation of measurement data.

The application specialist Mahr has further developed its assortment of "MarCator" digital gauges with the latest technology. The digital gauges now have a scale interval of 0.5 µm. This improves its possibilities to be used for close tolerances in conjunction with indicating instruments such as indicating snap gauges and internal measuring instruments. They are also equipped with the reference system. This simplifies the measurement in practice: The user needs to set the zero position only once and stores it here for further measurements. The digital gage is ready for measurement immediately after pressing the ON button or by moving the measuring bolt, thereby accelerating quality assurance.

In addition, the gauges have the built-in wireless system i-wi ("Integrated Wireless"). It gives the user much more freedom of movement. When measuring on or at the production machine or on large workpieces, for example, it is no longer hampered by a cable, but can move freely.

The wireless connection also simplifies the recording and documentation of measurement data. They are sent by the digital gage on an i stick that is located in the USB port of the computer, like a small memory stick. With the wireless transfer system, measurement data can be directly and automatically integrated into MS-Excel or in any Windows program. With the i-wi-system, up to 8 gauges per i stick receiver can be connected. The transmitter is built right into the

indicator, is energy efficient and does not require a separate battery.