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Cutwel Measuring Up the New Year



West Yorkshire Based Tooling Supplier Cutwel have announced an expanded range of new measuring tools for the New Year with 2015 Catalogues from their leading metrology suppliers Mahr and Insize, now available to request free of charge.


One of the highlights of the Insize extended range includes the new Ultrasonic Hardness Tester (ISHU-460 Series) from Insize. This gives the ability to test surface hardening layers and plating for steel, non-ferrous metal and alloys. You can test large work pieces in any direction and is also suitable for rough surfaces too. This is all possible in a super quick test time of just 2 seconds as no matter who the operator is the test force and time are not affected. The hardness tester also has a memory of 1000 test results and you can also take a picture on the work piece and get a report with testing results which can be sent to a computer via a USB connection.


From the Mahr range one product which particularly stands out is the Self Centering Dial Bore Gage MaraMeter. This is ideal for measuring difficult to reach bore diameters, grooves and recesses. It is universally applicable and extremely versatile as every instrument spans a broad measuring range, within this series it is quick and easy to adjust to any size. The measuring head consists of a carbide-tipped moving anvil and interchangeable stationary anvil which has a carbide ball. Included is new technology that is a transmission lever system which transfers the movement of the movable anvil to indicating instrument.


These 2 products are just a couple of many more available. Please request your Insize and Mahr catalogues today by calling Cutwel on 01924 869 610, emailing or visiting