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Drilling is the most common metal cutting operation and can be done with a wide range of tools.  The most common drill is the TWIST DRILL which are available in HSS, carbide or powder metal and are typically used for drilling from 1mm diameter to 60mm diameter.  Core Drills (often referred to as Rotabroaches) are used for sheet metal, construction or fabrication work and can drill from 13mm to 110mm diameter.  Other cutting tools like reamers and boring systems are used for finishing holes to accurate sizes and tolerances.

Cutwel specialises in drilling tools for engineering, fabrication, rail and structural steel industries.  Our twist drill range from YG-1 includes stub, jobber and long length drills in HSS, HSS 8% Cobalt, Solid Carbide in coated or uncoated for steels, stainless steel, hardened steel, cast iron, composites, aluminium and plastic.  Our range of drilling and boring tools ranges from 0.1mm diameter for 540mm diameter.

The indexable drill range includes the Supercut Spade Drill range (compatible with Allied Maxcut TA Drill & Arno Shark Drill), the Korloy King Drill (u-drill style) and the Dinox modular boring system. Karnasch Core Drill & Mag Drills (compatible with Rotabroach) is the worlds largest range of core drills with diameters from 12-120mm in TCT, Powder Steel and HSS for steels, aluminium, stainless and rail drilling.  Contact us today for the best recommendation for your application or buy online today.