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Indexable Drilling Systems

Indexable Drilling Systems & Replaceable Drill Systems from YG-1 and Korloy

King Drill Indexable Drilling System
Category King Drill Indexable Drilling System
King Drill XL Large Diameter Adjustable System
Category King Drill XL Large Diameter Adjustable System
Supercut Spade Drill System
Category Supercut Spade Drill System
King Drill, U-Drill, NPD and SPD Drill Inserts
Category U-Drill, NPD and SPD Drill Inserts

An indexable drill is usually a drill with an insert that has multiple edge which can be indexed (rotated) when each cutting edge wears out. Drills with single edge replaceable inserts (such as a spade drill) are often referred to as indexable drills as well.

Cutwel offers 3 indexable drilling systems to suit different requirements.  The I-Dream Drill system is extremely popular in the UK with production engineers.  It is one of the very best drills on the market for high production drilling from 12mm to 30mm diameter up to 7xD deep.  The YG-1 I-Dream Drill uses a GROUND SOLID CARBIDE insert which is highly accurate, powerful and gives the best tool life in any 'indexable drill' in the Cutwel range.

The Supercut Spade Drill system is our best selling system and can drill from 9.5mm to 114mm diameter, up to 20xD deep.  Spade Drill holders can drill a wide range of diameters with 1 holder, reducing the number of drill bodies you need to buy. The spade drill is the best solution for sub-contract engineers who drill a wide range of diameters for many different jobs - the versatility reduces the need for a huge inventory or u-drills, meaning 11mm-65mm diameter can be covered with just 5 holders.

The Korloy King Drill is a u-drill style system available from 12mm-60mm in 0.5mm steps.  It has a central and peripheral geometry insert to prevent tool failure.  Order online and buy today.