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I-Dream Drill High Performance System

Solid Carbide Replaceable Insert Drilling System for 13mm-31.75mm Diameter Drilling

The most common drill used in metal cutting for holes above 13mm diameter is a u-drill style system, where a drill takes 2 sintered indexable inserts which can be rotated when worn out.  Whilst the u-drill has benefits, it also has several issues that can be improved: tool life is low due to the inserts being made from sintered carbide, accuracy is generally poor, tool depths are limited to 4-5xD and performance is generally average compared to feed rates of carbide drills. Often, a second operation is required to finish the hole to size.

The YG-1 I-Dream Drill is designed to correct all the flaws of the u-drill.  The inserts is made from GROUND SOLID CARBIDE which gives immense tool life, it is self centering and highly accurate, it offers feed rates 2-3 times higher than a u-drill and is the first choice for production drilling operations.

The I-Dream Drill replicates the geometry of a solid carbide drill, but saves 70-80% of the cost as only the end needs replacing when worn out.  Buy online today or contact our technical team to find out how the I-Dream Drill can benefit you.