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King Drill Inserts

SPMT, SPET, XOMT & XOET Inserts for the Korloy King Drill

Traditional u-drill style drills have 2 identical inserts in each pocket (the central and peripheral pocket).  This is an inherent design fault with a u-drill as the central insert is always rotating much slower than the peripheral insert (outside insert).  This causes 2 problems, the central insert can wear quicker due to the 'rubbing effect' of the extra slow surface speed in the middle of the drill.  Typically, this is cause of 95% of u-drill breakages and the central insert breaks and destroys the u-drill body.

Korloy identified this fault and redesigned the u-drill with 2 different inserts.  The central insert (XOMT) has a special geometry and a tougher grade to cope with low surface speeds.  The outer inserts (SPMT) are made from a harder grade for faster surface speeds.  Used together they marry at the perfect surface speed for each insert and produce equal and consistent tool wear.  Inserts are also available in a polished grade (NA-H01) for aluminium machining.  Buy online today for the best prices and next day delivery.