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NC Spotting Drills

HSS Spot Drills, Carbide Spot Drills, 90 Degree Spot Drills & 120 Degree Spot Drills

NC spot drills (also called spotting drills) are designed for 3 main purposes.  They can be used for 'spotting a hole' prior to it being drilled.  This is necessary for drills that are not self centering. Ideally, a spot drill should be chosen with a wider drill point than the drill being used to prevent the drill breaking on entering the spot drilled area.  Most carbide drills are now self centering so spot drills are often not needed.  The other use is for chamfering a hole prior to tapping it which helps create a lead in to the whole. Spot drills can also be used for deburring the top of a hole after drilling.  Spot drills are available in 90 degree or 120 degree (which is the inclusive angle of the point). 

Our NC Spot Drills from YG-1 and renowned in the UK for being the best value, delivery and quality and are supplied as either HSS 8% Cobalt spot drills, TiN coated spot drills and carbide spot drills and are available in 90 degree (inclusive angle) and 120 degree. For the best tool life or for stainless steel, please always use a TiN coated spot drill.  Buy online today for next day delivery.