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Twist Drills

HSS, Carbide and Powder Metal Twist Drills - Next Day Delivery - Buy Now!

Carbide Twist Drills
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HSS & Powder Metal Twist Drills
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Number & Letter Drills
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Morse Taper Shank Drills
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Diamond Coated Twist Drills
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Twist drills are the most common form of drill used in engineering for drilling metals and are more commonly known as jobber drills.  Twist drills are supplied in a range of lengths including stub drills (suitable for drilling up to 3 x diameter deep) and jobber drills (suitable for drilling up to 5 x diameter deep).  Twist drills are also available in long length and extra long length.  Self centering drills do not need to be pre-drilled with a spot or centre drill, offering a more accurate and quicker drilling method.  We offer jobber drills in self centering and non-self centering.

Cutwel twist drills are known in the UK for being high quality, excellent performance and next day delivery.  We have carbide jobber drills, carbide stub drills and carbide long length drills in a huge range of series to suit your requirements as well as a huge range of HSS stub and jobber drills and worm pattern drills for aluminium, The YG-1 Dream Drill range is for high performance coated carbide drilling, Multi-1 Powder metal drills for difficult materials and Alu-Power Dream Drills for aluminium performance drilling.

Our drills are suitable for a wide range of budgets from Gold-P Drills (economy drilling) to Dream Drills (performance drilling) from famous brands YG-1 and Presto International