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HSS & Powder Metal Twist Drills

HSS Stub & Jobber Drills, Long Length Drills, Coated & Uncoated Stub & Jobber Drills

HSS & Powder metal jobber drills are for low cost or short run drilling of steels, stainless steel and aluminium. Cutwel's range of HSS jobber drills and HSS stub drills has a wide range of styles to suit your requirement.

YG-1 GOLD-P Drills - the best selling TiN coated jobber drill from YG-1.  Made from HSS 5% Cobalt and TiN coating, the Gold-P self centering drill is our best general purpose coated HSS jobber drills, suitable for drilling steel, stainless, titanium and cast iron.

YG-1 MULTI-1 Drills - the best selling coated powder metal drill from YG-1.  If carbide drills chip or break on your machine due to rigidity issue, then the Multi-1 Drill is ideal for you.  Carbide drill tool life, double the feed rates of HSS drills and suitable for steel, stainless steel and exotic drilling.  Also self centering and will drill to an M7 reamed tolerance.

YG-1 HPD-SUS Drills - the best selling jobber and stub drill for stainless steel.  Made from vanadium cobalt and superior TiN coating, the SUS drill can achieve 3-4 times the feed rates of standard HSS drills in stainless steel with amazing tool life.

YG-1 Worm Pattern Drills - the best selling jobber and stub drill for aluminium or soft steels.  The 42 degree helix and deep chip pockets make it an ideal drill for soft or long chipping materials.  Buy online today for the best prices and next day delivery.