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Carbide Turning Inserts

Wide Range of Carbide Turning Inserts Available, Made By Korloy.

Turning inserts are typically used on  CNC or manual lathes for turning of steels, stainless steels, exotics, cast iron and aluminium.  Turning inserts geometries are defined by the ISO coding system for turning so that the shape, geometry and size can easily be identified.

Korloy are South Korea's leading manufacturer of turning inserts. All Korloy turning inserts are available in grades to suit your requirement, from high speed turning to roughing, finishing or good all round general grades.


The most popular turning insert is the CNMG which can be used for turning and facing and has 4 cutting edges.  The SNMG12 or SNMG19 is ideal for roughing applications and gives 8 usable cutting edges.  VNMG inserts (also known as knife tools) are ideal for profiling.

Positive inserts are more suitable for finishing applications (CCMT, DCMT, SCMT, TCMT, VBMT & VCMT).  All positive inserts are available in a ground geometry (CCGT, DCGT, RCGT, TCGT, VCGT) with highly polished grade H01 and special chipbreaker AK for aluminium turning. Buy online today and test our price and quality.