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For Aluminium, Plastic & Non-Ferrous Milling

Aluminium is one of the softest and lightest materials to machine and also has extremely low wear resistance. This means high speeds, high feeds and large cuts can be taken for very quick cycle times compared to machining steel or stainless steel. However the one main issue with milling aluminium is swarf/chip control.  Aluminium can easily wrap around the milling cutter, clog the flutes and cause problems if not controlled properly.

We have 3 product ranges dedicated to aluminium, plastic and non-ferrous milling cutters which are all designed to control swarf and give excellent surface finish. The best milling cutters for aluminium are generally high helix milling cutters, with large flute pockets and lapped flutes.  Our original range from YG-1, Alu-Power, has evolved to now include a full range for copy milling.  Alu Power is available in polished uncoated carbide or uncoated HSS 8% cobalt.  Alu-Power milling cutters have a wide chip pocket and high rake angle for the best chip control.

The Karnasch Ali-Cut range are all lapped milling cutters for exceptional surface finish with special geometries for aluminium machining. The Plastix range from Karnasch is dedicated for milling plastics with a high quality surface finish and good chip control. Browse our range and buy online today.