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Steel & Hardened Steel Milling Cutters

High Performance Carbide Milling Cutters For Steel & Hardened Steel from YG-1

X-Power Ultrafine Carbide
For high speed cutting of all steels <HRc65
4G Mills (Carbide)
High performance copy milling for steel <HRc55
X5070 Blue Nanograin Carbide
High speed cutting of hardened steels <HRc50-70
V7 Mill Variable Helix (For Steel)
High feed high metal removal vibration free milling 
X-Speed Rougher
Vibration free roughing of Steels <HRc55 

High performance milling means milling at HIGHER SPEED and HIGHER FEED rates than with general purpose milling cutters. High speed milling machines are not needed, most high performance milling cutters can be used on 12,000rpm spindles machines, however our nanograin ranges can be used up to 40,000rpm.  By machining at high speeds and high feeds, cycle times can be reduced dramatically reducing component cost on long and short batch runs.  We offer 5 ranges for high performance machining of steels and hardened steels:

  • X-Power: For high speed machining of all steels up to HRc65, dry cutting, huge range of geometries. Our best selling range for mould steels and high speed machining. BUY NOW
  • 4G Mills: First choice for copy milling, 3D machining & mould and die applications. NEW & IMPROVED!
  • X5070 Blue:  First choice for high hardened steels (50-70 Rockwell). High speed machining and ultimate tool life.
  • V7 Mill:  Variable helix milling cutters for high feed silent milling with a large depth of cut. The best selling range for general steels.
  • X-Speed Rougher:  Variable helix roughers for super high metal removal with low cutting load and no vibration. ULTIMATE METAL REMOVAL RATES.

Please browse our extensive range or contact our technical team for the best recommendation for your application. Buy online today.