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Milling cutter bodies with replaceable inserts (also known as tips) are often called indexable milling tools or tipped milling tools. They are called indexable tools as the insert can be indexed (rotated) to use multiple cutting edges (corners).  The benefit of using indexable milling tools compared to solid or round shank milling tools in larger diameter tools is that huge cost savings can be made simply by changing the carbide insert rather than resharpening the tool.  Carbide inserts offer better performance and longer tool life than solid HSS tools and the grades can be tailored to suit specific materials such as steel, aluminium or stainless steel.

Korloy are South Korea's market leader in indexable tools and are used in major aerospace, automotive and oil/gas companies’ across the world and are renowned for quality, performance and innovation. Cutwel stocks end mills from 8mm-63mm diameter, face mills in 45 and 90 degree from 40mm-400mm diameter, copy mills and porcupines.  For general milling see our Rich Mill range, helical 90 degree milling see our Alpha Mill range, copy milling Laser Mill or FMR Tool, high feed milling HRM Double or our range of carbide milling insertsCheck our stocks and prices and buy today.