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Diamond Coated Carbide, PCD & CVD Milling Cutters for Composite Materials

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Carbon & glass fibre machining
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Carbon & glass fibre machining - ultimate performance 
Diamond Coated Carbide
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Karnasch are a global leader in the manufacture milling cutters for composite milling. Karnasch have 3 main product ranges for composite milling

  • CVD Diamond milling cutters:  Brazed CVD diamond for 200-300% more tool life than PCD.  Suitable for the most abrasive composites with high glass or fibre content such as carbon fibre, glass fire (aramid) Kevlar & glass filled plastics.

  • PCD Diamond milling cutters:  offers a lower cost alternative to CVD and is suitable for carbon fibre composites.

  • Diamond Coated carbide:  Wide range of geometries including compression tools, up cut and down cut tooling to prevent delamination.  CONTACT US TODAY TO DISCOVER MORE.


    A composite material usually consists of 2 or more materials combined together in order to create a material with super properties such as strength and lightness.  Composite materials have traditionally been used mostly in aerospace and autosport/F1 but are becoming more popular in everyday products as we look to reduce weight of products for transport, shipping and saving fuel.  Composite materials have challenges for machining compared to metals and therefor need special geometries and substrates to cope with these challenges, for example carbon fibre and glass filled plastics are easy to machine but extremely abrasive and can produce a very rough finish, so a cutting tool much be used which has high diamond content and very sharp cutting edge (e.g. CVD diamond).  Popular composite materials include carbon fibre, Kevlar, aramind, glass fibre/glass filled plastic, honey comb and sandwich materials.