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High Helix Milling Cutters For Milling Aluminium available in HSS or Carbide!

Aluminium is one of the softest and lightest materials to machine and also has extremely low wear resistance. This means high speeds, high feeds and large cuts can be taken for very quick cycle times compared to machining steel or stainless steel. However the one main issue with milling aluminium is swarf/chip control.  Aluminium can easily wrap around the milling cutter, clog the flutes and cause problems if not controlled properly.

Alu Power milling cutters are designed for machining soft, long chipping materials such as aluminium, copper and brass.  The large chip pocket prevents swarf clogging up the flutes whilst the sharp cutting edge and high helix gives fantastic chip control.   Alu-Power is available in carbide of HSS 8% cobalt.

The new extended Alu-Power range of ball nosed and corner radius tools are ideal for copy milling and are also LAPPED for excellent surface finish. YG-1 Alu-power milling cutters for aluminium offer amazing value. Buy online today.