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MCD (Karnasch)

MCD (monocrystalline diamond) Milling Cutters From Karnasch For Plastic Mirror Finish Machining.

Monocrystalline diamond is available in natural synthetic diamond product that is brazed to a carbide milling cutter to produce an MCD Milling cutter. MCD has amazing polishing properties and by using MCD milling cutters, polished or mirror finish components can be machined acrylic, Perspex, gold, copper, PMMA, silver and aluminium without a manual polishing process which can be time consuming and difficult.  It's extreme hardness and resistance to abrasive materials make it the only tool for producing such high quality surface roughness.

Karnasch MCD milling cutters are made in Germany and are the very highest quality.  Due to price fluctuations in the price of diamonds, several tools are 'price on application'.  Contact us today for a price.