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Chamfer Mills

Solid Carbide Chamfer Milling Cutters from YG-1 & Karnasch

Chamfer milling cutters can be used for several different applications such as producing an external chamfer on the side of a work piece, a chamfer on a hole,v-grooving for countersinking, spot drilling and even engraving.

We offer 2 types of chamfer mill: the Karnasch multi flute chamfer mill (30.6492 & 30.6493 series) which can machine up to 65 Rockwell.  This chamfer mill can only machine on the bottom flutes.  The YG-1 Drill mill is a more versatile tool which has cutting flutes on the side as well as the bottom, this means it can be used for side milling applications as well making it a more suitable tool for machining chamfers at the bottom of a work piece.

The chamfer angle stated is the INCLUSIVE ANGLE (i.e. 90 degree chamfer mill is 45 degrees per side, 60 degree chamfer mill is 30 degrees per side).  Buy online today.