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Turning Inserts - Shop by Grade

Browse our huge range of turning inserts by grade - see full grade guide below

CN2000 Grade Turning Inserts
Cermet Grade for Steel
H01 Grade Turning Inserts
For Aluminium & Non-Ferrous
NC3030 Grade Turning Inserts
General Steel & Stainless Steel 
NC3215 Grade Turning Inserts
High Speed Continuous Cutting Of Steel 
NC3220 Grade Turning Inserts
1st Choice For Steel Turning 
NC3225 Grade Turning Inserts
Universal Grade For Machining Forged Parts 
NC5330 Grade Turning Inserts
General Purpose Interrupted Cutting 
NC6210 Grade Turning Inserts
General Cutting On Grey & Ductile Cast Iron 
NC6215 Grade Turning Inserts
For Medium/Interrupted Cast Iron Cutting 
NC9025 Grade Turning Inserts
Tough Grade for Stainless Steel 
PC230 Grade Turning Inserts
M10-M20 Grade For Stainless Steel Finishing 
PC5040 Grade Turning Inserts
Fine Finishing Grade For Steel/Stainless Steel 
PC5300 Grade Turning Inserts
For General Turning 
PC8110 Grade Turning Inserts
For Machining HRSA's
PC9030 Grade Turning Inserts
1st choice for stainless steel

Turning Insert Grade Guide


CN2000 - Cermet Grade for Steel  

H01 - Specific for Aluminium, Aluminium alloy, Non-Ferrous Metals  

NC3010 - P10 Steel Grade For High Speed Continuous Turning  

NC3030 - For General Steel & Stainless Steel  

NC3215 - High Speed Continuous Cutting Of Steel 

NC3220 - 1st Choice For Steel Turning  

NC3225 - 1st Choice Universal Grade For Machining Forged Parts  

NC5330 - General Purpose Interrupted Cutting  

NC6210 - For General Cutting On Grey Cast Iron & Ductile Cast Iron  

NC6215 - For Medium Cutting/Interrupted Cast Iron Cutting  

NC9025 - Tough Grade for Stainless Steel  

PC230 - M10-M20 Grade For Finishing On Stainless Steel  

PC5040 - Fine Finishing Grade For Steel/Stainless Steel  

PC5300 - For General Turning  

PC8110 - For Machining HRSA

PC9030 - 1st Choice for Stainless Steel