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New Hybrid - PM UFS Machine Taps from Cutwel!



Engineering tooling supplier Cutwel has launched a new range of high performance taps in the UK from leading Italian manufacturer UFS. 

The range is believed to be the first to utilise a special hybrid substrate called PM3. The substrate is an ultra - high quality mix of 87% powder steel, 8% cobalt and 5% vanadium.  This new substrate gives Hybrid - PM machine taps a vast performance and tool gain over standard powder metal or HSSE taps.

The Hybrid - PM range is available in seven series including: U - universal, HS - hardened steel, INOX - stainless, GG - cast iron, TI - titanium, SR - Synchro Rigid & X - roll tap series, with all taps having a through coolant option. 

The HS series PM1 substrate tap enables tapping of hardened steel up to 52 Rockwell, something not possible with most HSSE or powder metal taps and only normally done with a carbide tap. However, the PM3 substrate is extremely tough and doesn’t have the risks associated with carbide tapping.

The new Synchro Rigid range allows tapping of all material with ultra-high speed, for example, speeds of 45m/min on steels, 50m/min on aluminium, 25m/min on stainless steel and 30m/min on titanium.

Cutwel have a new catalogue dedicated to high performance tapping and drilling available by request now, alternatively the range can be view on their online shop at