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Solid Carbide Thread Mills

Coated Carbide Thread Mills From Vargus (Vardex) & YG-1

Metric Thread Mills
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NPT Thread Mills
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BSP Thread Mills
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BSPT Thread Mills
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UNC Thread Mills
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Diamond Coated Thread Mills
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PG Thread Mills
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Thread milling can be carried out on any three axis mill that is capable of helical interpolation. It involves 3 axes moving simultaneously; the X & Y axis move in a circular motion and the Z axis moves in a linear motion. The most popular form of thread mill is a helical thread mill which are designed to reduce cutting force by distributing the cutting pressure along a helical flute.

The Vardex thread milling range from Vargus is renowned as the market leader in thread cutting solutions, with the widest choice of thread mills.  The Vardex range has almost any thread mill for any application.   The YG-1 carbide thread mill range offers unbeatable value and quality.

We offer carbide thread mills in metric coarse, metric fine, NPT, UNC, UNF, BSP, BSPT, PG and whitworth from stock.

Thread Milling has numerous benefits: low cutting load (even on large threads), no scrapping of jobs if the tool breaks, possible to rework undersize threads, stronger threads, small chips, faster than tapping or single point threading, any size thread can be machined.  Please click on the link opposite to use the GENius thread milling programme to select the optimum tool for your application.  Order online today for next day delivery.