Aluminium Face Milling at High Speed With Aero Mill
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Aluminium Face Milling at High Speed With Aero Mill



 The Aero Mill face milling system from Korloy offers high speed face milling of Aluminium & Aluminium Alloys from 40mm diameter to 315mm diameter.


Korloy developed the Aero Mill in conjunction with the major South Korean automotive manufacturers and is now used worldwide by major automotive and aerospace engineering companies.

 Traditional face mills are heavy and unbalanced, so when a larger diameter is used (above 100mm), running it at the RPM required for efficient milling of aluminium causes vibration, stress to the machine and poor workpiece finish.

 The Aero Mill eliminates all these issue with a cutter body 50% lighter in weight than conventional steel cutters, ensures excellent performance in high speed machining, vibration free milling and low machine tool power requirements.

The rigid face mill body is manufactured from special heat-treated high tensile aluminium, balanceable up to G2.5 level which allows for high speed milling, even at 315mm diameter. The assembly structure of the cutter body allows for insert adjustment to micron precise accuracy and is suitable for both roughing or finish milling with Carbide or PCD Inserts.

The special Insert cover and through coolant injection system prevents swarf build up allows faster material removal and gives insert and cutter body protection.  Insert pockets are replaceable in case of too crashes which saves replacing face mill bodies or waiting for them to be repaired.

The high insert rake angle provides rigid, stable machining with low cutting load allowing for high tolerance surface finished parts to be machined with ease & mirror surface finish achievable under the right cutting conditions using wiper inserts.