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Keep up to date with all Cutwel's new suppliers, new products, product reviews and company news in the resources section.  We provide expert information from all our major suppliers to help you get the best out of your tools.

We constantly update our resources page every week with the latest news and also feature guest articles from customers, suppliers and our technical engineers.  It is our aim to be honest and helpful on these pages in order for you to gain new ideas, techniques or try new products.

Contact us today for further information on any of the reviews or products or if you would like to contribute to the Cutwel resources pages.

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How to Find Cutting Data for Cutwel Products

Author: Christian
Here at Cutwel Ltd we understand that Speeds & Feeds are a huge part of the Engineering Industry. If we don't have the correct cutting data we may see this impact our work piece or tools, To get the best results we must ensure that the inf...

Drilling Large Diameters Made A Hole Lot Easier!

Author: Christian
Did you know our High Performance Indexable Drilling systems for larger hole diameters allow you to drill from 9.5-114mm diameters...and you will find all the fantastic technical data, features and benefits of these systems on our updated website ...

Synchro Rigid Tapping Without Broken Taps or Oversized Threads!

Author: Christian
The majority of modern CNC machining centres and lathes are equipped to tap using ‘rigid tapping’ (otherwise known as synchronous feed tapping). A rigid tapping cycle synchronizes the machine spindle rotation and feed to match a specific thread pi...

Corner Radius (Bull Nosed) Cutters Now With Huge Corner Rads from Cutwel

Author: Christian
With the advancement of more complex workpieces and 3D forms, the demand for corner radius slot drills and end mills with large radiuses has grown in recent years. To meet this demand Cutwel has introduced a huge new range of corner radius tools ...

NEW - 180 Degree FLAT BOTTOM Dream Drills from YG-1

Author: Christian
The NEW YG-1 flat bottom drill is now available from Cutwel. Flat bottom drills eliminate the need to pre-mill a flat on a workpiece on angled or curved surfaces. They can also be used for a wide range of applications which are not possible with ...

New Dedicated Cutwel Milling Catalogue - Out Now

Author: Christian
Cutwel are pleased to announce the launch of the new dedicated MILLING catalogue, featuring the latest milling tools from leading Korean manufacturers YG-1 and Korloy. The catalogue features over 200 pages of NEW products, including a wide range ...
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