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The Latest Product News & Reviews and General Updates on Cutwel Products and Services


Keep up to date with all Cutwel's new suppliers, new products, product reviews and company news in the resources section.  We provide expert information from all our major suppliers to help you get the best out of your tools.

We constantly update our resources page every week with the latest news and also feature guest articles from customers, suppliers and our technical engineers.  It is our aim to be honest and helpful on these pages in order for you to gain new ideas, techniques or try new products.

Contact us today for further information on any of the reviews or products or if you would like to contribute to the Cutwel resources pages.

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How to select the best Turning Insert & Grade for your job

Author: Liam Scaramuzza
When choosing the correct turning insert, finding the best insert for the job is just half the battle. The rest of it is selecting the best grade and chip breaker! In this blog we outline how to approach selecting the best insert shape and grad...

How to get the best results when drilling and reaming

Author: Thomas Beaumont
When drilling and reaming a hole, do you ever think that you’ve done everything right, only to find that the hole’s been reamed too big or the hole is not fully round? Drilling and reaming should be simple, but there are a few common mistakes whic...

Top Tips for Milling & Drilling High Hardened Steels

Author: Andrew Davis
For many precision engineers, machining hard materials such as tool steel, D2 or H13 hardened steel seems like a difficult challenge. However, by picking the correct work holding and tool holding alongside a high performing, purpose-made cutting t...

Speeds & Feeds Made Easy!

Author: Bob Pybus
Although our website is a brilliant place to start looking for this information, it’s not always as black and white as “use this RPM with that feed per tooth”. Some cutting data gives just surface speed in m/min when your machine needs RPM and so...

What are the Benefits of Machining with Ceramic Turning or Milling Inserts?

Author: Wayne Langford
When you mention ceramic indexable tooling (ceramic turning or milling inserts), the memory of white ceramic inserts exploding in cut comes flooding back for some engineers. However, with today’s technological advancements in the manufacture and a...

Bison Bial - High Quality Manufacturer of Workholding & Tool Holding

Author: Luke Jackson
Today, Bison is known worldwide as one of the world leaders in providing high quality clamping technology solutions. Bison began by supplying both bench and machine vices, then in 1950 they extended their product range to include lathe chucks. O...
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