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Drill Sharpening Machines

For Carbide & HSS Drill Re-sharpening

The JD Series drill sharpening machine from Cutwel is the first drill sharpening machine to introduce the up to down swing grinding method which produces a SHARPER and MORE DURABLE drill point.  Buy a drill sharpening machine and get more life out of your HSS or carbide drills by re-grinding them on site.  No more waiting for drills to be returned by a tool and cutter grinder, the JD series drill sharpening machine is an economic and fast solution for drill re-grinding.

  •  CE Certified
  •  CBN wheels for HSS Drills
  •  Wolfram wheels for CARBIDE Drills
  •  Fast and simple operation
  •  Suitable for point angles 90°~135°
  •  Chisel edge grinding, can adjusting to your demand

The JD Drill sharpening machine is available in 2 models, the JD-213 which can sharpen drills from 2mm-13mm diameter and the JD-1326 series which can sharpen drills from 13mm-26mm diameter.  The drill sharpening machine is supplied with a full set of collets and wrenches.  Buy online today and receive a full 12 month warranty!