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Korloy CVD Diamond Milling Cutters

CVD Diamond Milling Cutters For Carbon Fibre, Glass Filled Plastics, Aramid, Honeycomb & Sandwich Materials

Nanocrystalline diamond produced through CVD diamond growth can have a hardness ranging from 30% to 75% of that of single crystal diamond.  CVD is cultivated in an artificial process and results in the hardest form of diamond available today for composite machining. 

CVD diamond is the only tool that can machine Aramid which is used on aerospace and military applications with ease. 

CVD Diamond milling cutters are specially designed by Karnasch are designed for the most abrasive composite materials with high glass fibre content, carbon fibre, honeycomb and sandwich materials. The CVD blank is brazed onto a carbide shank then LASER CUT to form the cutting egde as tradionally grinding wheels are not able to grind CVD. CVD offers the most superior tool life compared to diamond coating or PCD milling cutters.  Only suitable for very stable set ups due to extreme hardness and sharpness. For more information about CVD Milling cutters, please talk to our technical team today.