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Achieve Maximum Drilling Efficiency With The King Drill!



Code System Of The Holders

The Korloy King Drill system offers extremely high reliability & excellent performance compared to other u-drill style systems through the use of duel geometry inserts (central & peripheral), coolant holes & wider chip pockets. The tougher special geometry central insert & chip pocket design make the King Drill the most reliable u-drill on the market.

Available in 2xD, 3xD, 4xD & 5xD from 12-60mm diameter in 0.5mm increments!

 The special geometry central insert helps prevent tool failure on the centre pocket which is a common problem with many competitor drill bodies.  Since the launch of King Drill, this problem has been eliminated.

Like most of Cutwel's products the King Drill holders follow a pattern when generating their unique part number and knowing how this is made up will allow you to place an order for one without needing your catalogue! The below diagram explains in detail how the part numbers are generated.

Features Of The Inserts

Both the central and peripheral inserts have an optimised design on the inserts for maximum drilling efficiency. They produce an excellent cutting performance & chip control due to the optimised geometry & chip breaker on both inserts. The two different inserts (Peripheral & central) also maximise the tools life span due to the individual purpose of each insert.

Recommended Cutting Conditions & Material Specific Adjustments

Solutions For Machining Failures

Drill & Hole Tolerances

Buying Your King Drill!

The Korloy King Drill system is one of our most highly rated products by our customers and buying one couldn't be easier! All the items are listed online for your convenience:

>Click here to view the King Drill bodies!

>Click here to view the King Drill inserts!

>Click here to speak to a member of the Technical Team for more info!