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Korloy Alpha Mill System

90 & 75 Degree Helical Milling Family

Helical Milling offers one of the lowest resistance forms of 90 degree indexable milling with optimum chip evacuation, low vibration and light cutting action which is in turn extremely friendly to the machine spindle.  This makes it ideal for machining stainless steel and exotics as well as easier materials like steel.

The Korloy Alpha Mill system offers the sweetest cutting action and lowest cutting resistance due to the unique convex/concave design 'alpha curve' chip breaker.   We offer a range of milling bodies including end mills, modular milling heads, porcupines, drill mills and face mills in inserts including APMT06, APMT11 & APMT16. Chip breakers and grades are available for steel (PC3500), stainless (PC9530), cast iron (PC6510), exotics (PC5300) and aluminium (H01).

The Alpha Mill system has 2 cutting edges whilst using it in 90 degree bodies, however an extra 2 cutting edges can be utilised by using 75 degree holders for face milling, making the Alpha Mill the most cost effective all-round indexable milling solution.  Check out our price and stock and buy today.