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Korloy FMR Button Tool

Korloy FMR Button Tool - 5mm-20mm Diameter Inserts

Button (round) insert indexable milling systems offer one of the best solutions for high metal removal OR copy milling.  The round insert and small entering angle means the chips are thinned and in return gives a low cutting resistance.  The full radius cutting edge means it is the strongest insert geometry which in turn means high feed rates can be used without chatter/vibration and risk of tool failure.  

Korloy FMR Button Tools are first choice for all copy milling operations and also ideal for high metal removal applications.  The  inserts have a rotation prevention design on the seat of the insert which ensures 8 possible cutting edges.  The inserts are unevenly spaced in the holder to prevent vibration.


FMR Tool inserts come in 8 sizes:  RDHW05 (5mm diameter), RDHW06 (6mm diameter), RDHW07 (7mm diameter), RDHW08 (8mm diameter), RDKT10 (10mm diameter), RDKT12 (12mm diameter), RDKT16 (16mm diameter) & RDKT20 (10mm diameter). We also offer a polished insert for aluminium machining (RDCT style) which is available in 10, 12, 16 & 20mm diameter.