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Korloy Future Mill System

45 Degree Face Mills & End Mills / 90 Degree Face Mills & End Mills

Face milling is typically carried out on a milling machine an involves removing the face of a work piece.  The best tool for general face milling is a 45 degree face mill (sometimes referred to as a shell mill).  The benefit of using a 45 degree tool is a lower cutting resistance compared to a 90 degree tool and a stronger cutting edge on the insert which usually has a flat or facetted corner as opposed to a radius.  This also prevents the corner of the insert easily.

Indexable end mills are more versatile than 45 degree face mills as they can be used for both facing, 90 degree end milling or 90 degree shoulder milling.  The downside compared to a 45 degree tool is that 90 degree tools have a high cutting resistance for facing off.

The Korloy Future Mill family is popular on conventional milling machines or older machines than can be less stable than modern CNC's due to their strong insert design, tough cutting grades and robust nature.  The prevents inserts chipping or breaking due to vibration or low cutting speeds.  The Future Mill family is available for 45 degree face mills (SEXT inserts) and 90 degree end mills (SDXT inserts).  With 4 cutting edges and low insert cost, they are one of the most cost effective indexable milling systems available.  Buy today!