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Korloy Indexable Chamfer Mills

Chamfer milling with indexable tools can take the form a several applications.  Front chamfering which uses the bottom side of the cutting edge of the insert.  This requires a multi insert holder with clearance from the shank.  Chamfer mills can also be used for chamfering large diameter holes by using circular interpolation.  Single tooth cutters are idea for this and can also be used for spotting and centering.  Back chamfering (using the top edge of the insert) can be done using 'front & back' chamfer mills which can also be used for side slotting (cutting a 45 degree v groove in a work piece.

It is also possible to COUNTERSINK with a chamfer mill - the long cutting edge of the insert makes it simple to plunge into a range of diameters.


Korloy offer 3 systems for chamfer milling:  Front and Back chamfer mill - available different angles for front and back chamfering operations, facing and side slotting. Long Edge chamfer mill - ideal for countersinking operations or large chamfers (31mm cutting edge length. Multifunctional chamfer mill - centre cutting 1 tooth chamfer mill for spotting, centering and chamfer milling.  The image above will give the best recommendation of the tool for your application - call today for more advise or buy online now.