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Korloy Mould & Die / Copy Milling Systems

Korloy Laser Mill 8-32mm Diameter / Korloy GBE & BRE Mill 16-63mm Diameter

Copy milling tools are generally used in the Aerospace or mould and die market and are typically used on difficult materials such as mould steel, hardened steel or exotics.  Only the very best material substrates should be used for milling inserts for copy milling.

Korloy offer 3 systems for ball nosed copy milling: Laser Mill for finishing applications (for all materials up to HRc65),  it has a unique 'laser style' coolant channels on the insert which delivers coolant directly to the cutting edge. Laser Mill inserts are GROUND from solid carbide (as opposed to sintered) which gives a MUCH STRONGER cutting edge and more accurate tool which is essential high value work pieces.

The GBE Mill for medium to roughing applications (16mm-50mm diameter ball nose) and BRE Mill for medium to roughing applications (20mm-63mm diameter ball nose).  BRE and GBE Mill are available in various lengths and also in porcupine style.  The GBE and BRE mill inserts are EXTREMELY TOUGH making them the 1st choice for roughing out, especially on mould steels

If you manufacture moulds or do a lot of copy milling, speak to our technical application engineers today and see how we can help improve your production, we have exentsive ranges ideal for copy milling from 0.01mm diameter in all materials up to 70 Rockwell - call us now.