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Korloy Multiturn System - Turn, Drill, Face & Bore

Drill, Bore, Turn and Face With 1 Tool... The Korloy Multiturn

A problem some engineers face is their lathe only has a small turret (e.g. 4 or 6 spaces) which means limited space for many different tools. This often results in repeated downtime through tool changes between operations.  Korloy have solved this problem with the Multiturn system.

Multiturn allows you to turn, face, bore and drill with just 1 tool..... With Multiturn you can save time on tool changes and stock less tools. ideal for machines with small turrets or single post tool posts.  The Korloy Multiturn is available in 10mm-20mm diameter and replaces the need for 4 different tools.  The Korloy Multiturn replaces the need for an external turning tool, a boring bar and an indexable drill, saves time on tool changes and saves space in your tool post.  Multiturn inserts will fit into Ecocut toolholders. Buy online today and try the Multiturn.