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Vardex Standard TM Holders

Vardex Indexable Thread Mill Toolholders

The Vardex Standard TM indexable thread milling system is the world's most popular indexable thread milling system.  One tool holder can be used for machining metric, UNC, UNF, UNJ,  Whitworth,  & PG  threads, simply by changing the insert (NPT, NPTF & BSPT threads require a conical tool holder).  


Thread mill holders are available in single (for lowest tool cost) twin (for faster cycle times), twin offset (for faster cycle times and deeper threads), and shell (for fastest cycle times, especially in large diameters). Thread mill inserts come in a range of sizes (measured by the inscribed circle dimension of the insert I.C.) depending on the size of thread being machined, the depth and how fast you want to machine the thread. 

For help selecting the best tool please use the GENius thread milling software or order online today for FREE next day delivery from Cutwel.