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WTO Static & Driven (Live) Tooling

WTO Static & Driven (Live) Tooling

The UK's Largest Range of Lathe Tool Holders - Made in Germany.


As recognized pioneer and leader in its industry, WTO has always set the benchmark for static and live/driven tool technology. A huge range of tool holders for various machine makes and models.

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Doosan & Daewoo Tool Holders
BMT45, BMT55, BMT65 & BMT75
Mazak Lathe Tool Holders
Static & Driven Tools
Haas Tool Holders
Haas Turret, VDI Turret, BOT Turret & Hybrid Turret
DMG Mori Seiki Tool Holders
DMG Mori Seiki BMT Static & Driven Tools
Nakamura Toolholders
Bolt-On Tools & BMT44 & BMT55 Driven Tools
Star Sliding Head Tool Holders
Static & Driven Tool Holders For Sliding Head Lathes
Okuma Tool Holders
Okuma Static & Driven Tool Holders
Hardinge Tool Holders
BMT45, BMT55 & VDI
CMZ Tool Holders
Static & Driven Tools
Hwacheon Tool Holders
BMT45, BMT55, BMT65 & BMT75
Goodway Tool Holders
Sliding Head & CNC Lathe Holders
Hyundai Wia (Base Mount)
BMT55, BMT65, BMT75
Miyano Tool Holders
ø45 & ø54 Shaft BMT Holders
Victor Tool Holders
BMT55, BMT65 & BMT75
BMT Tool Holders (Base Mount)
Doosan, Daewoo, Hyundai, Hwacheon,Victor etc