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4 Jaw Scroll Chucks

The UK's largest selection of 4 jaw scroll chucks from Bison Bial and Chandox

4 jaw scroll chucks are ideal for clamping square or octagonal work pieces on conventional lathes, milling machines and machining centres. 

  • Rear mount- recessed back with rear holes for use with a mounting plate.
  • Front mount - recessed back with front and rear holes for use with a mounting plate or bolting straight to a milling table via the front holes.
  • D1 Mount - with Camlock bolts for direct mount to the lathe.

Steel scroll chucks offer the longest life and higher balancing speeds, cast iron 4 jaw scroll chucks offer the best value. Chandox are Taiwan's leading scroll and power chuck manufacturer and offer exceptional value and quality.  Bison Bial and the best known name in scroll chucks, made in Poland and known for strength and durability.