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YG-1 4G Mills (Carbide)

4G Mills Coated Carbide Milling Cutters - HSC (High Speed Cutting)

Mould making requires the best milling cutters as the work pieces are often very valuable and 1 off jobs.  It is essential it is machined right the first time.   Mould making can also involve high metal removal requirement meaning only HIGH PERFORMANCE milling cutters should be used to keep the cycle time down.  4G Mills are the next generation of tools for high speed cutting of mould steels, steels and hardened steels..  Some people refer to these types of milling cutters as HSC milling cutters (high speed cutting).

4G Mills from YG-1 are first choice for copy milling / 3d machining applications.  The 4G Mill range has a huge range of tool lengths, radii and geometries to optimize cutting performance.  4G Mill ball nosed milling cutters are all made from NANOGRAIN carbide for exceptional performance and tool life.  Suitable for all steels up to 55 Rockwell. Buy today and see the performance improvement.