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YG-1 V7 Mill Variable Helix (For Steel)

High Feed Coated Carbide Milling Cutters for Machining Steel and Alloy Steels

Most milling machines are limited to 8,000 or 12,000rpm, meaning high speed milling isn't possible.  Generally, most people use general purpose coated carbide or use high performance coated carbide but not at its full potential.  The answer to this is HIGH FEED milling cutters with a VARIABLE HELIX carbide milling cutter like the V7 Mill.

V7 Mill variable helix milling cutters have a special geometry that allows you to take twice the depth of cut of a normal carbide milling cutter with 2-3 times the feed rate, with a low cutting load and vibration free milling.  Tool life compared to normal coated carbide can increased by 300-400%.  Suitable for all steels up to HRc45, V7 Mills enable you to produce metal removal rates normally reserved for high speed cutters but at low to medium RPM's (below 8,000rpm).  Variable helix cutters are also mostly 4 flute and can be used for slotting, plunging, ramping, profiling, shoulder milling and copy milling.  Buy today and test the performance improvements.