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YG-1 X-Speed Rougher

Coated Carbide Ripper With Variable Helix & Variable Pitch - Ultra High Metal Removal & Vibration FREE

Cutting at high feed rates with rippers can cause vibration and damage to the machine spindle. Many people use HSS or Powder metal rippers as carbide rippers can require too much power for the machine. YG-1 have created a new concept of carbide ripper that has a VARIABLE HELIX and VARIABLE PITCH... the X-Speed Rougher.  This has 2 effects when machining: firstly the variable pitch creates uneven chips which massively reduced machine load meaning much higher feed rates can be used, even on low power machines.  Secondly, the variable helix reduces resonance of the tool at high feed rates, even at large depths of cut, eliminating vibration.  The overall result is a ripper that can machine at up to 2 metres a minute feed rates, silently and with unbelievable tool life.

The YG-1 X-Speed Rougher variable helix milling cutters have a special geometry that allows you to take twice the depth of cut of a normal carbide  ripper with 3-4 times the feed rate, with a low cutting load and vibration free milling.  Tool life compared to normal coated carbide can increased by 300-400%.  Suitable for all steels up to HRc45.  For stainless steel, use the new powder metal geometry. Try the X-Speed Rougher today and be amazed at the results.