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YG-1 X5070 Blue Nanograin Carbide

Nanograin Coated Carbide Milling Cutters for Ultra High Speed Cutting (UHSC) Hardened Steels

Ultra high speed spindle machining centres require milling cutters that can machine at speeds from 12,000rpm to 40,000rpm.  Traditionally, only Japanese manufactured milling cutters were able to meet the demands of this market but often carried an unaffordable price tag.  YG-1 developed nanograin coated carbide X5070 blue coated milling cutters to meet the demand for ultra high speed milling cutters, with exceptional tool life at an affordable price. Nanograin carbide is the finest form and hardest carbide substrate currently available - meaning the longest tool life and the highest resistance to wear or temperature.

X5070 Blue from YG-1 is the best selling range for high speed cutting of hardened and high-hardened steels (50-70 Rockwell).  The nanograin substrate combined with the special blue coating provides ultra high wear resistance and unbeatable performance.  Ideal for 3D machining/copy milling applications.  Try X5070 Blue today and compare the performance against Japanese or German branded milling cutters - buy online or call to order.