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YG-1 Tank Power Coated Powder Metal

YG-1 Tank Power Powder Metal Milling Cutters for Steel and Stainless Steel Machining

A problem many people face with machining with solid carbide is that it is liable to chipping or breaking easily due to any imperfection in the set up, machine, tool holding or work piece. A little vibration can cause the tool to prematurely fail costing machine down time and replacement tools.  Often, using HSS milling cutters is the undesirable option due to speed, tool life and the fact it is no good for machining stainless steel.

Powder metal milling cutters solve this problem by offering the toughness of high speed steel with the wear resistance of coated carbide.  This enables you to machine steels or stainless steel at performance levels close to carbide (on a CNC) without tool failure or machine diffilcult materials like stainless steel on a conventiona/manual mill.

Tank Power Powder Metal milling cutters from YG-1 are first choice for general CNC machining of Steels, Copper, Cast Iron and Stainless Steel where carbide isn't suitable. The powder metal substrate prevents the tool chipping and gives brilliant performance and tool life against high speed steel tooling, especially on stainless steel.  Try today and never go back to HSS!