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YG-1 Uncoated Solid Carbide

Micrograin Uncoated Solid Carbide Milling Cutters from YG-1

Uncoated carbide milling cutters are traditionally the next step up from HSS milling cutters.  Uncoated carbide milling cutters are suitable for machining steel or aluminium, but is not recommended for machining stainless steel due to the heat that is generated and premature wear that occurs.

YG-1 uncoated solid carbide milling cutters are suitable for general purpose milling of steels and aluminium.  The range is available in metric and imperial sizes in a wide range of lengths.  However, we recommend that you try NC MILLS as they are lower priced and COATED and much better performance than uncoated carbide milling cutters on steels and stainless steels. The only benefit now in using uncoated carbide is for milling aluminium (however ALU POWER is a better choice). YG-1 are the world market leader in the manufacture or round shank milling cutters, based in South Korea, sold all over the world. Buy today.