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YG-1 V7 Mill Variable Helix (For Stainless Steel)

YG-1 V7 Mill Variable Helix Coated Carbide Milling Cutters For Stainless Steel, Titanium & Exotics

Milling of Stainless steel and exotic materials (titanium, Inconel, hastelloy, waspalloy, nickel alloys etc) can be time consuming, difficult and intensive on cutting tools using traditional methods and general carbide tooling (e.g. low feed rates, small depth of cut, low RPM).  The typical results many people experience are vibration issues, poor surface finish, rapid tool wear and long cycle times.   These problems can be overcome and the machining of stainless steel and exotics made easy using VARIABLE HELIX milling cutters.

Variable helix milling cutters have a sinusoidal flute design, stronger core and special cutting edge which means vibration is eliminated, even with DOUBLE CUT DEPTHS & QUADRUPLED FEED RATES.

For example: variable helix milling cutters allow for 1 x diameter depths of cut (slotting) with feed rates of 400-550mm/min on stainless steel.  Compared to a general coated carbide, this is double the depth of cut and 4 times the feed rate.  The result is 80% reduction in cycle times, 3-4 times greater tool life and silent machining (therefor better surface finish).  TRY TODAY and never go back to conventional coated carbide.