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High Speed Aluminium Milling With The A+ End Mills From Korloy!



The A+ End Mill by Korloy is a brand new addition to the Cutwel range and sees an innovative leap in the world of aluminium milling. This high quality end mill uses an exclusive U-Shaped flute that has been buffed to ensure a high quality performance when machining aluminium even at high speeds!

- Workpiece: A7075 
- Cutting Conditions: diameter=ø8.0, n(min-1)=8000, vc(m/min)=200, vf(mm/min)=1200, fz(mm/t)=0.05 ap(mm)=8, ae(mm)=2.0, wet 
- Tools: A Plus Endmill / APFE3080-060 3 flutes

Recommended Cutting Conditions

The Korloy A+ End Mills are one of our most highly anticipated aluminium milling cutters and buying one couldn't be easier! All the items are listed online for your convenience:

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Buying Your A+ End Mills!

Features & Benefits

- Exclusive U-Shaped & Buffed Flute

- Reduces Built Up Edge 

- Excellent Chip Evacuation

- Double Relief Angle For High Rigidity Of Cutting Edge 

- Sharp Cutting Edge For Both Roughing & Finishing 

- H6 Shank Tolerance 

- Tolerance: ø1-12 = 0.00 ~ -0.02, ø16-20 = 0.00 ~ -0.03

Performance Comparison vs. Competitors