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Hand Pads & Cloth Sheets

Hand Pads & Cloth Sheets

Non-Woven Hand Pads consist of a non-woven web of nylon fibres impregnated with abrasive grain, which makes them ideal for a variety of manual cleaning, deburring and polishing applications.

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The KL 361 JF abrasive sheets by Klingspor are an incredibly versatile abrasive that produces excellent results on steel, stainless steel, wood and non-ferrous metals during sanding applications carri...

  • 280mm x 230mm (length x width)
  • Made of JF cotton
  • Its exceptional flexibility allows the product to perfectly contour to each workpiece
  • For a surface with a perfectly sanded finish – closely coated aluminium oxide
  • These abrasive sheets come with various fine, medium, and coarse grit ranges

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The PS 11 A abrasive sheets from Klingspor are ideal for auto repair applications. It is suitable for hard and tough material surfaces and offer exceptional flexibility with resistance to water. They'...

  • 280mm x 230mm (length x width)
  • High adaptability, high stability and excellent water resistance
  • For paint, varnish, filling compound, plastic
  • High-performance product consisting of silicon carbide
  • A hard, sharp-edged structure
  • Excellent performance - whether they are used for dry or wet sending

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The NPA 400 Series non-woven web hand pads by Klingspor are the perfect tool for creating a fine finish on all sorts of materials. These materials include wood, stainless steel, and metal. The NPA 400...

  • 229mm x 152mm (length x width)
  • Can be used wet and dry
  • Suitable for use on wood, metal and stainless steel
  • Long service life thanks to aluminium oxide grain
  • Many applications at different degrees of fineness
  • Ideally suited for blending and finishing

From £1.82 £1.52

The PS 11 C abrasive sheets from Klingspor deliver exceptional performance during various sanding jobs before and after filling, painting or varnishing. They are very flexible, yet exceedingly stable ...

  • 280mm x 230mm (length x width)
  • For paint, varnish, filling compound, plastic
  • Ideally suited for wet and dry sanding by hand
  • Exceptional versatility required to cover a wide field of applications
  • Made with silicon carbide, which provides supremely aggressive abrasive performance

From £0.83 £0.69

Designed for a wide range of different materials, the non-woven web hand pads NPA 500 produce a perfect hand sanding finish every time. The silicon carbide material provides for a smooth scratch patte...

  • 152mm x 229mm (width x length)
  • Can be used wet and dry
  • Always produces impeccable results during hand sanding
  • Achieves a perfect surface finish and exceptionally long service life
  • Particularly well suited for blending surfaces
  • Ideally suited for blending and finishing and can perform well on flat surfaces