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Are You Getting The Full Capacity Out Of Your Machining Centre?



The Gerardi Multiflex system, made in Italy, is the ultimate solution to increasing your machining capabilities in a variety of ways. Check out the different applications below where you can use the multiflex system.


Vertical Machining Centres


  • Do you get the full capacity from your machining centre?
  • Can you use the full table without obstructions from your vice or clamps?
  • Are you interested in a work holding system that allows you to clamp many small jobs at once or jobs as big as your VMC table?


 Multiflex VMC Set UpMultiflex VMC Multiple PartsMultiflex VMC Large Parts


The Multiflex system is the only flexible work holding solution that offers the best benefits of both vices and clamps. Multiflex can clamp multiple small work pieces at once or work pieces as big as your table, simply by removing the jaws. With up to 40kN clamping force – no other vice this size can compete on rigidity.


VMC’s With 4th Axis


  • Do you get the full capacity from your 4th axis?
  • Are you restricted from using several vices on it due to the base depths and trunnion table?
  • Would you like to turn your VMC into a high production machine tool?


      Multiflex VMC 4th Axis Set Up                                     Multiflex VMC 4th Axis Tower


The Multiflex vice tower system from Gerardi has a 4 sided base with jaws integrated to it.  The compact design offers more rigidity than a trunnion table and vices bolted onto it, is more compact and can clamp many more work pieces. With up to 40kN clamping force – no other vice this size can compete on rigidity.




  • Do you get the full capacity from your tombstones?
  • Are you using ‘homemade’ fixtures with low clamping force and un-ground working surfaces?
  • Would you like the flexibility of clamping many small or several large workpieces with quick set up times?


Multiflex Tombstone Set Up                                              Multiflex Tombstone

To buy your Gerardi multiflex system please go to the following link:


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