New Knurling Wheels! - Product Spotlight!
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New Knurling Wheels! - Product Spotlight!



August Product Spotlight - Knurling Tools!


Our tool in our August Product Spotlight is the recently launched range of knurling tools from German supplier QUICK! This high performance knurling range can be found in both cut and form knurling styles!


Knurling wheels from QUICK Tooling are made with premium HSS powder metal giving excellent tool life and making them ideal for use on a wide range of materials. They are made on state-of-the-art toolmaker lathes to the highest degree of precision and then heat treated in electronically controlled hardening plants and also subject to a constant quality control process.


See our full range of knurling tools and get knurling today! Click here or on the image below to view!


Stephen's Stories! -

Every month our time served technical engineer Stephen will try and bring us a story from his engineering days that involve our product in the spotlight!

"When I was an apprentice I was asking why would knurling be required on an item? And the guy said it could be for making a shaft a tight fit into a bore or gripping hold of making a none slip surface. He handed me the knurling tool it slipped from my hand onto his foot and broke his little toe." - Stephen


Have you seen one for our products on the website that you don't know enough about? Or have you used one of our products that you think others will benefit from? I want to hear your suggestions for September's Product Spotlight and I want to hear your stories from using these tools! Use the email below to get in touch with me and your product & review might make it onto next months Product Spotlight!